Long Walk to IAS Preparation – Few Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed writing on the first installment of IAS Mains Mini quiz. If you were late to the party, we have a set of model answers for you in the comment section.

Here are some thoughts about how we wish to take this going forward:

#1. Each Monday, we will release a set of questions on one particular GS Paper. They won’t be many but we make sure that our mentors do their research before putting them for you. This is an attempt to read into UPSC’s patterns and a refined way to present choicest questions to you.

The next day, we will provide model answers along with some suggestions.

#2. Every Saturday and Wednesday, we will have a prelims corner – 7 questions a day. These pop quizzes are to wriggle your head and reinforce the material that you study. Answers with explanations will be provided the next day.

#3. Most Thursdays, we plan to introduce GS Paper 4: Ethics Case Studies. Not just this, we intend to bring in mentors from reputed coaching classes give you questions and model answers on them. That means, starting this thursday – we will have 2-3 full blown case studies which will help you reverse engineer your preparation for GS Paper 4.

Reverse engineering, also called back engineering, is the processes of extracting knowledge or design information working backwards!

For the first session – we will be inviting Mitra Sir to share a few case questions with us.

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