Wildlife Conservation Efforts

Arittapatti: Tamil Nadu’s first biodiversity heritage site


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Arittapatti, Biodiversity Heritage Site (BHS)

Mains level: Not Much


The Tamil Nadu Government has issued a notification declaring Arittapatti in Melur block, Madurai district, a biodiversity heritage site.

About Arittapatti

  • Arittapatti village, rich in ecological and historical significance, houses around 250 species of birds including three important raptors -birds of prey, namely the Laggar Falcon, the Shaheen Falcon and Bonelli’s Eagle.
  • It is also home to wildlife such as the Indian Pangolin, Slender Loris and pythons.
  • The biodiversity-rich area is surrounded by a chain of seven hillocks or inselbergs that serve as a watershed, charging 72 lakes, 200 natural springs and three check dams.
  • The Anaikondan tank, built during the reign of Pandiyan kings in the 16th century is one among them, the government notification said.
  • Several megalithic structures, rock-cut temples, Tamil Brahmi inscriptions and Jain beds add to the historical significance of the region.

What is a Biodiversity Heritage Site (BHS)?

  • Biodiversity Heritage Sites are rich Biodiversity Areas and are important components of local ecosystems which are being conserved and managed by the society.
  • BHS are declared as per provision under Section 37(1) of Biological Diversity Act, 2002.
  • The State Government may, from time to time in consultation with the local bodies, notify the areas of biodiversity importance as biodiversity heritage sites under this Act.


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