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Bandipur completes 50 years as Project Tiger Reserve


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Central idea: Bandipur completed 50 years as a Project Tiger Reserve on April 1, 2023.

Bandipur Tiger Reserve

  • The reserve is located in the Indian state of Karnataka and is spread over an area of 912.04 sq. km.
  • It is recognized as one of the prime tiger habitats in the world and is an important component of the country’s first biosphere reserve – Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

Tiger Population in Bandipur

  • When Project Tiger was launched in 1973, there were 12 tigers in Bandipur, according to Ramesh Kumar, director, of Bandipur Tiger Reserve.
  • Today, the number of tigers utilizing the park is 173 while the number of tigers within the reserve has been pegged at 126 as per the Status of Tigers Co-predators and Prey in India, 2018.

History of conservation efforts in Bandipur

  • Much before the Wildlife Conservation Act, 1972, was passed, the erstwhile rulers of Mysuru had realized the importance of conserving flora and fauna.
  • The Mysore Game and Fish Preservation Act was passed in 1901, and several forest areas were preserved as Game Reserves, and Tiger Blocks were identified with shooting restrictions imposed.
  • Initially, an area spread over 35 sq miles was declared as a Game Sanctuary in Chamarajanagar State Forest of Mysore district in 1931 and was protected for 10 years.

Bandipur’s inclusion in Project Tiger

  • When Project Tiger was launched in 1973, Bandipur was among the first nine reserves to be brought under the flagship program, and it included most areas that were already protected under the Venugopal Wildlife Park.
  • The park was upgraded to a national park and renamed Bandipur, and the adjacent reserve forests were included under it to extend its area to 874.20 sq km.

Significance of the area

  • The landscape spanning Bandipur, Nagarahole, Mudumalai, and Wayanad complex is home not only to the highest number of tigers in the country – about 724 – but also to the largest Asian Elephant population.
  • The Bandipur Tiger Reserve is an important component of the country’s first biosphere reserve – Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

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