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EU activated Copernicus EMS to Locate Crashed Iranian Helicopter


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Copernicus Programme

Mains level: NA

Why in the News?

  • In response to the helicopter crash involving Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, the European Union had activated its Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS) to aid in search and rescue efforts.

About the Copernicus Programme

  • This Programme was launched in 1998 by the European Union’s earth observation
  • Named for Copernicus, it uses satellites and ground systems for environmental data.
  • It is implemented by EU member states with support from entities like the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Utility of GMES: Rapid Response Mapping Service

  • The Copernicus EMS offers rapid response mapping, a crucial component activated during emergencies like natural disasters or accidents.

How Rapid Mapping Works?

  • Rapid mapping involves acquiring, processing, and analyzing satellite images and relevant data to provide timely information.
  • It offers several products, including pre-event reference and post-event assessments like first estimates, delineation, and grading of the impacted area.

Application in the Iranian President’s Case

  • In the case of the Iranian President’s helicopter crash, the EU activated the rapid response mapping service to aid search and rescue operations.
  • This technology helps locate the crash site and assess the extent of the impact, facilitating swift response efforts.


[2018] With reference to the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), consider the following statements:

  1. IRNSS has three satellites in geostationary and four satellites in geosynchronous orbits.
  2. IRNSS covers entire India and about 5500 sq. km beyond its borders.
  3. India will have its own satellite navigation system with full global coverage by the middle of 2021.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(a) 1 only

(b) 1 and 2 only

(c) 2 and 3 only

(d) None

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