Internal Security Architecture Shortcomings – Key Forces, NIA, IB, CCTNS, etc.

India needs the anchor of a National Security Strategy 


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Mains level: Challenges Involved in the Near Future for the Indian Government

Why in the news? 

The newly elected National Democratic Alliance government is confronted with several longstanding and complex national security issues.

Strategic Relations with the US and Competition with China:

  • China’s Multifaceted Challenges: China poses an unprecedented array of interconnected challenges, including a significant naval build-up, geoeconomic clout in South Asia, and leverage in global supply chains.
  • Strategic Relations with the US: India must navigate its strategic partnership with the United States while managing competition with China.
  • Global Conflicts Impact: Distant conflicts, such as those in Ukraine and Gaza, reveal new technologies and tactics of war that could spread to India’s neighbourhood, influencing its strategic relations and defence strategies.

Challenges Involved in the near future for the Indian Government:

  • Decisions on Military Investments: The government must decide on key defence projects, such as building another aircraft carrier and implementing theaterisation.
  • Holistic National Security: There is a need to step back and consider national security holistically, rather than making piecemeal decisions that could waste resources and undermine national goals.
  • Managing Strategic Risks: Addressing strategic risks like climate change, pandemics, and China’s growing influence requires coordinated, long-term policy efforts.
  • Synchronizing Efforts: Various arms of the government, including the military and national security agencies, need to synchronize their efforts more effectively.

Blueprint for Expanding Power:

  • Comprehensive Strategic Assessment: A National Security Strategy (NSS) would compel the government to thoroughly review threats, opportunities, and global security trends.
  • Framework for Long-Term Planning: An NSS would provide a coherent framework for long-term strategic planning, helping to allocate resources effectively and develop necessary military capabilities and international partnerships.
  • Signaling Intent to Allies and Adversaries: An NSS would clarify India’s strategic intent, signaling its role as a net security provider in the Indian Ocean and its stance on regional security issues.
  • Coordinated National Security Efforts: An NSS would align the efforts of different national security agencies and military branches, fostering better coordination and integration.

Issue of Accountability:

  • Transparency and Accountability: An NSS would serve as a tool to ensure that the government’s policies are transparent and accountable to Parliament and the citizens.
  • Adherence to Political Leadership’s Intent: It would help ensure that the bureaucracy adheres to the political leadership’s strategic direction.
  • Public Document: A strong NSS should be a public document, endorsed by the Prime Minister, to synchronize efforts across the government and signal political intent both domestically and internationally.
  • Rational Decision-Making: An NSS would help identify trade-offs and opportunity costs, enabling political leaders to make informed, rational decisions for long-term national growth and security.

Conclusion: Develop a coherent strategic framework within the NSS that outlines India’s national security objectives, priorities, and methodologies for achieving them. This framework should guide decision-making on defense investments, international partnerships, and response strategies to global challenges like climate change and pandemics.

Mains PYQ:

Q What introduces friction into the ties between India and the United States is that Washington is still unable to find for India a position in its global strategy, which would satisfy India’s National self-esteem. (UPSC IAS/2019)

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