Wildlife Conservation Efforts

Indian Grey Wolf sighted in Chambal after Two Decades


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Prelims level : Indian Grey Wolf

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  • The recent sighting of an endangered Indian grey wolf within the vast expanse of the National Chambal Sanctuary in Etawah after 20 years has sparked immense excitement among wildlife enthusiasts and experts.

About Indian Grey Wolf

Conservation Status
Scientific Name Canis lupus pallipes
Adaptation to Climate Thrives in warmer conditions
Social Behavior Travels in smaller packs, less vocal
Physical Traits Size falls between Tibetan and Arabian wolves
Preferred Habitat Scrublands, grasslands, semi-arid regions
Wide Distribution Indian subcontinent to Israel, ~3,000 in India
IUCN Listing Least Concern
Legal Protection Schedule I of Wildlife Act, CITES Appendix I
Major Threats Habitat loss, prey population decline


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