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A dark message to Delhi from Kangla Fort

A dark message to Delhi from Kangla Fort - The Hindu

Central Idea:

The article discusses a significant event in Manipur where Meitei legislators, through a public oath at Kangla Fort, endorsed a six-point agenda with communal overtones, targeting the ‘Kuki’ community. This act, influenced by an armed militia called Arambai Tenggol, reflects a departure from constitutional duties and raises concerns about the legitimacy of elected representatives in a democratic state. The piece warns against the dangers of a radical agenda and highlights the potential parallels with historical incidents like the Bhindranwale episode in Punjab.

Key Highlights:

  • Meitei legislators endorse a six-point agenda with communal overtones, targeting the ‘Kuki.’
  • The oath-taking event at Kangla Fort is orchestrated by the armed militia, Arambai Tenggol.
  • The agenda includes abrogating agreements, implementing NRC with 1951 as the base year, constructing a border fence, replacing Assam Rifles, removing ‘Kuki’ from Scheduled Tribe list, and relocating ‘Kuki refugees.’
  • The omission of ‘disarmament’ from the agenda raises concerns about the armed militia’s influence.

Key Challenges:

  • The event reflects a departure from constitutional duties by elected representatives.
  • The influence of an armed militia on democratic processes raises questions about the legitimacy of the Indian state.
  • The communal overtones in the agenda may deepen the emotional, demographic, and territorial divide.

Key Terms/Phrases:

  • Shumang Leela: Traditional form of theatre in Manipur.
  • Kangla Fort: The symbolic and traditional seat of power in Manipur.
  • Arambai Tenggol: An armed militia influencing Meitei legislators and pushing a radical agenda.
  • Bhindranwale Moment: Reference to the radicalization and armed conflict in Punjab during the 1980s.

Key Quotes:

  • “Legislators lost Tagore’s dream of ‘clear stream of reason’ and a fearless mind.”
  • “Elected representatives…pliable and can be blackmailed under duress.”
  • “Armed militia chose Kangla Fort to revive Meitei indigenous tradition, culture, and religion.”

Key Examples/References:

  • The six-point agenda and its potential impact on the vulnerable Kuki-Zomi-Hmar groups.
  • The involvement of Arambais in violent attacks against Kuki-Zomi-Hmar villages.
  • The parallels drawn with the radicalization of youth in Punjab under Bhindranwale.

Key Facts/Data:

  • The Arambai Tenggol retains control over a significant amount of arms and ammunition.
  • The communal agenda may lead to increased tensions between communities.
  • The armed militia’s influence raises concerns about the democratic process in Manipur.

Critical Analysis:

  • The legislators’ omission of ‘disarmament’ suggests a compromise with the armed militia’s agenda.
  • The article warns against the potential consequences of allowing an armed militia to influence state decisions.
  • The communal overtones in the agenda are criticized for undermining democratic and constitutional principles.

Way Forward:

  • Emphasize the need for elected representatives to uphold constitutional duties.
  • Advocate for dialogue and peaceful resolution to address the concerns of different communities.
  • Strengthen mechanisms to prevent the influence of armed militias on democratic processes.

In conclusion, the article highlights the concerning events in Manipur, where elected representatives endorse a communal agenda influenced by an armed militia. It urges a recommitment to constitutional duties, warns against radicalization, and suggests a path forward through dialogue and democratic principles.

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User Avatar
27 days ago

Didn’t expect website made for aspirants to be this biased. Your statement regarding Meiteis and Arambai Tenggol is so twisted and calling Kukis vulnerable is not justified. Do some research before writing anything on the website. Who started the war first? The kukis by destroying Govt properties and setting Meitei’s houses on fire, killing innocent people. Arambai Tenggol only came out to protect its people from #kukinarcoterrorist. This is not a communal war. Remember kukis have been living here in peace without Any reports of Meiteis harrassing them. They made HC’s order on Meiteis Inclusion on ST list as an excuse to beg for separate administration. It was never for a separate administration. They are dreaming of building a Kuki nation in India, in Manipur. Which will never happen. Manipur will and always be Manipur where different tribes like Nagas, Meiteis will reside and live in harmony. The influx of refugees from Burma, illegal immigrant would only be a threat to the Meiteis which are becoming minority.
Kukis never celebrated Republic Day or Independence Day before. Why do you think they started celebrating it just recently? They were never loyal to the state or the nation. I’m telling you now, in coming years they’ll be a threat to this nation’s integrity, its security.
So before writing rubbish, please do some deep research since it is a very delicate issue and need to handle with unbiased thoughts.

User Avatar
27 days ago
Reply to  Joestar Jojo

Everybody can see what is happening and the picture is quite clear. The government is controlled by the meites. If so why are the Bangladeshis entering India with a walk in free visa. The Rohingyas are all over India walk in free visa from Burma. The Chinese are intrusion into India without confrontation and their spies are all over. Our own people who have been living Manipur for ages u are calling them intruders. When they are serving in the Indian Army, Navy & Airforce and laid their lives for the country. How shameful of u to call them refugees.

User Avatar
27 days ago

The event was organised by the people of manipur along with arambai tenggol you are wrongly misleading the points 1removal of Unindegenious almost 60% kuki are immigrents kukis from St list 2 removal of assam rifles who are involved in drug trade


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