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Joint Logistics Node (JLN)


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Prelims level : Joint Logistics Node

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As part of measures to boost tri-service integration and resource optimisation, Chief of Defence Staff General has operationalised the third joint logistics node (JLN) in Mumbai.

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Joint Logistics Node (JLN)

  • The Joint Operations Division (JOD) under the Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff pursued and enabled the establishment of the JLNs.
  • JLNs provide integrated logistics cover to the armed forces for their small arms ammunition, rations, fuel, general stores, civil hired transport, aviation clothing, spares and also engineering support to synergise their operational efforts.
  • The initiative would accrue advantages in terms of saving of manpower, economize utilization of resources, besides financial savings.
  • It is a very important first step in the direction of logistics integration of our three Services.
  • The government has operationalised the establishment of the JLNs in Mumbai, Guwahati and Port Blair.

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