Medical Education Governance in India

National Exit Test (NExT) for Medical Grads


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: NEXT

Mains level: Not Much


Central Idea: The NExT examination, a common qualifying criterion for final-year undergraduate medical students will be introduced in the year 2024.

National Exit Test (NExT)

  • Objective: The examination aims to bring uniformity in evaluation across the country, ensuring minimum common standards of education and training for medical graduates.
  • Two-Part Examination: The NExT exam will consist of two parts: NExT 1, which will be a theoretical examination, and NExT 2, which will include practical, clinical, and oral examinations covering seven clinical subjects or disciplines.
  • Mock Test: A mock test may be conducted to familiarize students with the procedure and alleviate any anxiety before the official examination is rolled out.

National Medical Commission and Application of NExT

  • Role of NMC: The NMC is responsible for implementing the NExT examination and ensuring a common standard for medical education in the country.
  • Applicability: The NExT examination will also apply to institutes of national importance, including the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), to maintain uniformity in medical education.


  • Quality professionals: The NExT examination is seen as a means to ensure quality and produce well-trained Indian medical graduates.
  • Expert Perspectives: Experts in the medical field have welcomed the move, emphasizing the importance of uniform examination standards and the opportunity for interns to focus on their clinical training.

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