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US-UK forge ‘Atlantic Declaration’ to boost ties


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Atlantic Declaration

Mains level: Not Much


Central Idea

  • The US and Britain have announced a new strategic pact called, reaffirming their “special relationship” to address challenges posed by Russia, China, and economic instability.
  • They signed Atlantic Declaration to develop a new green economy through extensive industrial subsidies instead of pursuing a post-Brexit free-trade agreement.

What is Atlantic Declaration?

  • The “Atlantic Declaration” aims to enhance industry collaboration in defense and renewable energy sectors in response to China’s growing competition.
  • The declaration recognizes the challenges posed by authoritarian states, disruptive technologies, non-state actors, and transnational issues like climate change.
  • Both leaders affirmed the strength of the transatlantic relationship and emphasized the need to adapt to the changing world economy driven by AI and technological advancements.

Key terms of the declaration

  • Supply Chain Strengthening: The US and UK will strengthen their supply chains, invest in each other’s industries, and develop future technologies under the Atlantic Declaration.
  • Clean Energy Partnership: They agreed to launch a civil nuclear partnership, aiming to promote clean energy cooperation and reduce reliance on Russian fuel.
  • Technology and Critical Minerals: The countries will collaborate on the safe development of AI technology, negotiate a critical minerals agreement, and cooperate on telecoms technology and quantum technologies.
  • UK-US “Data Bridge”: The declaration includes a commitment in principle to a UK-US “data bridge” that facilitates the transfer of data between British and US businesses without unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • Critical Minerals Agreement: Negotiations on a critical minerals agreement will allow certain UK firms to access tax credits available under the US Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Business Collaboration: Cooperation will extend to telecoms technology, including 5G and 6G, as well as quantum technologies, fostering collaboration and innovation between the US and UK.

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