Judicial Reforms

Nyay Kaushal E-resource Centre


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Nyay Kaushal Centre

Mains level : Transparent and accessible judicial proceedings

CJI has inaugurated the first-ever e-resource centre and virtual court for traffic and transport to enable speedy justice for litigants, called ‘Nyay Kaushal’, at Nagpur.

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Nyay Kaushal Centre

  • It is a first of its kind e-resource centre in India that will facilitate electronic filing of cases in the Supreme Court, High Courts and district courts across the country.
  • It is meant to be a step at mitigating various inequalities, being connected to the Supreme Court, the High Courts and the Taluka Courts.
  • It will provide the easiest way of filing court matters by utilising technology. It will provide benefits in saving time, avoidance of exertion, travelling long distances, and a saving in costs.
  • The virtual court will be working from Katol in Nagpur district.

It’s working

  • The virtual court can deal with all traffic challan cases from every corner of Maharashtra online.
  • It will be possible for the litigants to pay the fine and get the traffic challan case disposed of with the click of a button on a smartphone or a computer.

Why need such a mechanism?

  • The biggest problem that came with the pandemic was that access to justice became conditional on access to technology.
  • This has ended up creating a divide between the ones who can afford technology and ones who cannot.
  • With the aid of virtual courts, our system of justice does not suffer and the rule of law continues to be maintained.

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