Foreign Policy Watch: Indo-Pacific and QUAD

Pacific Nations reject China Security Pact


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Pacific Nations in news

Mains level: Chinese counter to Western Indo-Pacific strategy

China has suffered a big diplomatic humiliation in the pacific. 10 island nations in the region rejected China’s proposed security pact.

Why in news?

  • Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi has returned empty-handed in a highly decorated visit to the Pacific Nations.
  • The secret deal that was to be brokered got leaked in public media, caused huge embarrassment to the Chinese.

Conspicuous features of the Pact

  • China has had offered to radically ramp up its activities in the South Pacific, directly challenging the influence of the US and its allies in the strategically vital region.
  • The failed deal saw Beijing to:
  1. Train Pacific island police,
  2. Become involved in cybersecurity,
  3. Expand political ties,
  4. Conduct sensitive marine mapping and
  5. Gain greater access to natural resources on land and in the water
  • As an enticement, Beijing is offering millions of dollars in financial aid, the prospect of a potentially lucrative China-Pacific islands free trade agreement and access to China’s vast market.

Why Pacific Nations rejected this lollipop?

  • The offer is perceived was “disingenuous” and would “ensure Chinese influence in government” and “economic control” of key industries.
  • The nations also cited a lack of regional consensus.

Pls make observations about Pacific Island Nations:


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