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Paigah Tombs of Hyderabad


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Paigah Tomb

Mains level: Not Much


The necropolis of noblemen dating from the Asaf Jahi era known as Paigah Tombs Complex in Hyderabad is set to be restored with funding by the US Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation.

Who were the Paigahs?

  • Paigah tombs are 200 years old and represent the final resting places of the Paigah Nobles of several generations.
  • During the conquest of the Deccan region by Emperor Aurangzeb, the Paigahs came along with him.
  • The House of Paigah was founded by Shams-ul-Umra I also known as Nawaz Abul Fatah Khan Tegh.
  • Their ties with Nizams were further cemented through matrimonial alliances.
  • They also constructed several palaces in the city and the notable amongst them are the famous Falaknuma Palace, Asman Garh Palace, Khursheed Jah Devdi and Vicar-ul-Umarahi palace.
  • They were believed to be rich than the average Maharajah of the country.

Paigah Tombs

  • Paigah Tombs are the tombs belonging to the nobility of Paigah family, who were fierce loyalists of the Nizams, served as statespeople, philanthropists and generals under and alongside them.
  • They are among the major wonders of Hyderabad State which known for their architectural excellence as shown in their laid mosaic tiles and craftsmanship work.

Its architecture

  • These tombs are made out of lime and mortar with beautiful inlaid marble carvings.
  • It consists of marvelous carvings and motifs in floral designs and inlaid marble tile-works.
  • It depicts Indo-Islamic architecture, a mix of both the Asaf Jahi and the Rajputana styles of architecture.
  • There is fabulous stucco (plaster) work, representing the Mughal, Persian and Deccan style too.


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