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Paika Rebellion to be included as ‘case study’ in history textbook


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Paika Rebellion

Mains level: Peasants uprising in India

The 1817 Paika Rebellion of Odisha would be included as a case study in the Class 8 NCERT history textbook, informed the Union Culture Minister.

Who were the Paiks?

  • The Paiks of Odisha were the traditional landed militia and enjoyed rent free land tenures for their military service and policing functions on a hereditary basis.

Paika Rebellion

  • When the British started tinkering with the revenue system in 1803, the farming community of Odisha rose in rebellion.
  • At that critical juncture, Bakshi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar — the military chief of the King of Khurda — led his army of Paikas forcing the British East India Company forces to retreat.
  • The rebellion came to be known as Paika Bidroh (Paika rebellion).

When did it take place?

  • The rebellion, by the landed militia of Khurda called Paiks, predates the first war of independence in 1857 but did not get similar recognition.
  • It took place when the British East India Company wrested the rent-free land that had been given to the Paiks for their military service to the Kingdom of Khurda.

Try this PYQ from CSP 2020:

Q. With reference to the history of India, ‘ulgulan’ or the great tumult is the description of the which of the following?

(a) The revolt of 1857

(b) The Mappila rebellion of 1921

(c) The Indigo revolt of 1859-1860

(d) Birsa Munda’s revolt of 1899-1900


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