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From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Central Asian Flyway

Mains level: NA

The two-day meeting of 30 range countries of Central Asian Flyway has begun.

What is Central Asian Flyway?

  • Central Asian Flyway (CAF) is a flyway covering a large continental area of Eurasia between the Arctic Ocean and the Indian Ocean and the associated island chains.
  • It comprises several important migration routes of waterbirds, most of which extend from the northernmost breeding grounds in Siberia to the southernmost non-breeding wintering grounds in West Asia, India, the Maldives and the British Indian Ocean Territory.
  • The CAF range is essentially centred on one of the three major wintering areas of waterfowl in the Old World, namely the Indian subcontinent, the other two being Africa.
  • There are also the African-Eurasian Flyway (AEWA) to the west, and south-east Asia in the East Asian – Australasian Flyway (EAAF) to the east.
  • These wintering areas are geographically separate, and present entirely different ecological, historical and cultural situations.

Range countries

  • The flyway covers 30 countries of North, Central and South Asia and Trans-Caucasus.
  • India is the core country of the CAF and supports 257 species of water birds.

Major migratory birds

  • Critically Endangered – northern bald ibis, white-bellied heron, Baer’s pochard
  • Endangered – greater adjutant
  • Vulnerable – black-necked crane, Indian skimmer, lesser adjutant, masked finfoot, Socotra cormorant, wood snipe
  • Near Threatened – black-headed ibis, lesser flamingo, pygmy cormorant, white-eyed gull

Why designate such flyways?

  • Approximately one in five of the world’s 11,000 bird species11,000 bird species migrate, some covering enormous distances.
  • Conserving migratory birds requires cooperation and coordination along the entire flyway between countries and across national boundaries.

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