Coronavirus – Health and Governance Issues

[pib] ‘COVID India Seva’ platform for citizen engagement on COVID-19


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: COVID India Seva

Mains level: Coronovirus outbreak and its mitigation

The Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has launched the COVID India Seva platform to establish a direct channel of communication with millions of Indians amid the pandemic.

We can take this initiative as an example while answering mains questions like – “India’s fight against Coronavirus pandemic is a public movement at large. Discuss.”

COVID India Seva

  • This initiative is aimed at enabling transparent e-governance delivery in real-time and answering citizen queries swiftly, at scale, especially in crisis situations like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Through this, people can pose queries @CovidIndiaSeva and get them responded to in almost real time.
  • @CovidIndiaSeva works off a dashboard at the backend that helps process large volumes of tweets, converts them into resolvable tickets, and assigns them to the relevant authority for real-time resolution.
  • The dedicated account will be accessible to people be it local or national in their scope.
  • The Ministry will respond to broader queries and public health information. This does not require the public to share personal contact details or health record details.

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