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[pib] National Open Access Registry (NOAR)


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : National Open Access Registry (NOAR)

Mains level : Not Much

National Open Access Registry (NOAR) has successfully gone live from 1st May 2022.

What is NOAR?

  • NOAR is a centralized online platform through which the short-term open access to the inter-state transmission system is being managed in India.
  • It is an integrated platform accessible to all stakeholders in the power sector, including open access customers (both sellers and buyers), power traders, power exchanges, National/Regional/State LDCs and others.
  • The platform provides automation in the workflow to achieve shorter turnaround time for the transactions.
  • NOAR platform also has a payment gateway integrated for making payments related to interstate short-term open access transactions.
  • NOAR platform provides transparency and seamless flow of information among stakeholders of open access.

Key features

  • Centralized System: Single point electronic platform for all the stakeholders
  • Automated Process: Automated administration process of the short-term open access
  • Common Interface: Interface with the RLDCs scheduling applications and Power Exchanges (s)
  • Payment Gateway: Make payments related to STOA transactions


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