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Places in news: Nadabet- the Wagah of Gujarat


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Nadabet, Seema Darshan Project

Mains level : Promoting Border Tourism

As part of the Seema Darshan project, Union Home Minister inaugurated an Indo-Pakistan border viewing point in Nadabet in Gujarat, around 188 km from Ahmedabad.

Where is Nadabet?

  • Located in the Rann of Kutch region, Nadabet is also known as the ‘Wagah of Gujarat’.
  • It is connected by a narrow bitumen road cutting across mudflats that get inundated during high-tide.
  • The biggest attraction of the Seema Darshan Project is the access provided to civilians to view the fenced international border with Pakistan at ‘Zero Point’.
  • This is guarded round the clock by the Border Security Force (BSF) in Banaskantha district of Gujarat.
  • Pakistan is around 150 metres from the border pillar 960 at Nadabet.
  • Though the BSF conducts a parade similar to the one held at Attari-Wagah border in Punjab every evening during sunset, there won’t be anyone present across the border on the Pakistani side.

What is the Seema Darshan Project?

  • The Seema Darshan project is a joint initiative of the tourism department of the Gujarat state government and the BSF Gujarat Frontier.
  • The focus is to develop border-tourism in the region which has a sparse population and even sparser vegetation.
  • The project aims to boost tourism as well as restrict migration from the villages across the border to the Indian side.

Role of Nadabet in 1971 Indo-Pak War

  • Nadabet played a key role in the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War.
  • It was in this region that the BSF not only stalled the enemy trying to invade from the west, but also captured 15 enemy posts.
  • During the war, the BSF had captured 1,038 square km of Pakistan territory in Nagarparkar and Diplo areas.
  • The area was returned to Pakistan after the Shimla Agreement was signed.


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