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PM inaugurates Banihal-Sangaldan Railway Line


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  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Banihal-Sangaldan section, connecting Baramulla in North Kashmir to Udhampur in Jammu.
  • The inaugural also marked the flagging off of Jammu and Kashmir’s first electric train from Sangaldan to Srinagar and Baramulla.

About Banihal-Sangaldan Railway Line

  • Route: Over 90% of the 48-km railway line between Banihal to Sangaldan passes through tunnels in the mountainous Ramban district, including the country’s longest 12.77-km tunnel (T-50), with 16 bridges.
  • Safety Measures: Three escape tunnels totaling 30.1 km ensure passenger safety during emergencies.

Significance of the Railway Section

  • Alternative Travel Route: The railway provides an alternative route between Jammu and Kashmir when National Highway-44 is closed due to landslides.
  • Boost to Tourism and Economy: Opening up remote areas for tourism and economic activities, such as the nearby Gool Valley and hot water springs, previously inaccessible due to poor road connectivity.

History of Railways in Jammu and Kashmir

  • British Era: The first railway line between Jammu and Sialkot was built in 1897.
  • Modernization: The extension of the railway network began in 1983 with the Jammu-Udhampur line, followed by the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Railwayline project approved in 1995.
  • Challenges and Innovations: Seismic activity and challenging terrain necessitated innovative approaches like the Himalayan Tunneling Method.

Expansion of the Network

  • Ongoing Work: Completion of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla railway line, with 209 km out of 272 km commissioned.
  • Upcoming Milestone: Valley’s connection to the Indian railways network expected by May this year.
  • Remarkable Infrastructure: Notably, a 63 km stretch in Reasi district features the world’s highest single arch railway bridge over the Chenab riverbed.

Benefits of the Railway Section

  • Reduced Travel Time: The train journey between Srinagar and Jammu is expected to be shortened to three to three-and-a-half hours.
  • Economic Impact: Facilitates transport of goods like apples, dry fruits, and handicrafts, boosting local economies.
  • Cargo Terminals: Four cargo terminals will be established between Banihal and Baramulla, streamlining logistics and trade.

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