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In news: Prime Ministers Museum and Library Society


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML)

Mains level: Not Much

Central Idea

  • The decision to rename the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) Society has ignited a political controversy.
  • The institution will now be known as the ‘Prime Ministers Museum and Library Society’.
  • The controversy reflects the ongoing debate surrounding dynastic politics in India.

About the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) (erstwhile)

  • NMML in New Delhi, is an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Culture.
  • It is a leading resource center on India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • Established in 1964, it houses extensive archives, including Mahatma Gandhi’s writings and private papers of prominent figures like Swami Sahajanand Saraswati, C. Rajagopalachari, and Sarojini Naidu.
  • It is located in the majestic Teen Murti House, the official residence of the first Prime Minister of India.
  • It has four major constituents, namely, a Memorial Museum, a library on modern India, a Centre for Contemporary Studies and the Nehru Planetarium.

Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya (the PM’s Museum)

  • In April 2022, the NMML inaugurated the Museum as a new addition to the institution.
  • It is a tribute to every Prime Minister of India since Independence, showcasing their contributions to the nation’s development over the past 75 years.

Why rename it now?

  • The meeting acknowledged the contributions of all past and present Prime Ministers and expressed the mission of the Society to preserve India’s democratic journey and legacy.
  • It was felt that renaming the institution would better align with this purpose.

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