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Pusa Bio-Decomposer


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Pusa Biodecomposer

Mains level : Alternatives solutions for stubble burning

Delhi CM has said that the “Pusa bio-decomposer” is a success in Delhi and he will inform the Supreme Court that it is an effective way to prevent stubble burning.

Pusa Bio-decomposer provides a unique alternative against the stubble burning practices.

Pusa Bio-decomposer

  • It is a solution developed by the scientists at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa, which can turn crop residue into manure in 15 to 20 days and therefore, can prevent stubble burning.
  • It involves making a liquid formulation using Pusa decomposer capsules and readily available inputs, fermenting it over 8-10 days, and then spraying the mixture on fields.
  • It is a mix of seven fungi that produce enzymes to digest cellulose, lignin and pectin in paddy straw.
  • The fungi thrive at 30-32 degree Celsius, which is the temperature prevailing when paddy is harvested and wheat is sown.

Back2Basics: Decomposition

  • Decomposition refers to a biological process of breaking down organic material into smaller constituent parts.
  • The decomposition of organic substances is ecologically significant. It plays a part in the nutrient cycle. It is an essential process of recycling matter in the biosphere.
  • A decomposer is an organism whose ecological function involves the recycling of nutrients by performing the natural process of decomposition as it feeds on decaying organisms.
  • Examples of decomposers are fungi and bacteria that obtain their nutrients from a dead plant or animal material.
  • They break down cells of dead plants and animals into simpler substances, which become organic nutrients available to the ecosystem.

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