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Quantum Biology: Unveiling the Quantum Secrets of Life


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Quantum Biology

Mains level: Not Much


Central Idea: The article introduces the concept of quantum biology, which explores the influence of quantum effects on living systems.

Nature and Quantum Mechanics

  • Quantum effects refer to phenomena that occur between atoms and molecules that cannot be explained by classical physics.
  • Quantum mechanics, which governs the behavior of objects at atomic scales, differs from classical mechanics, leading to counterintuitive phenomena like particle tunnelling and superposition.

Quantumness in Biology

  • Quantum biology is an emerging field that explores the role of quantum mechanics in biological processes and living systems.
  • It investigates how quantum phenomena and effects, which typically occur at atomic and subatomic scales, influence and contribute to the functioning and behavior of biological systems.
  • It aims to uncover and understand the quantum nature of biological molecules, processes, and interactions.
  • It seeks to study how quantum mechanics may impact various biological phenomena such as photosynthesis, enzyme reactions, and navigation in birds.

Evidence of Quantum Effects in Biology

  • Research on chemical reactions in biomolecules like proteins and genetic material suggests the influence of quantum effects.
  • Nanoscopic quantum effects can drive macroscopic physiological processes, including enzyme activity, sensing magnetic fields, cell metabolism, and electron transport.

Studying Quantum Biology

  • Studying quantum effects in biology requires tools to measure short time scales, small length scales, and subtle differences in quantum states.
  • Researchers can apply tailored magnetic fields to control the spins of electrons, influencing physiological processes that respond to magnetic fields.

Potential applications

  • Therapeutic devices: Understanding and fine-tuning quantum properties in nature could lead to non-invasive, remotely controlled therapeutic devices accessible through mobile phones.
  • Bio-manufacturing: Electromagnetic treatments based on quantum principles could be used for disease prevention and treatment, such as brain tumors, as well as in bio-manufacturing.

Scope quantum biology’ study

  • Multi-disciplinary: Quantum biology is an interdisciplinary field that brings together researchers from various disciplines, including quantum physics, biophysics, medicine, chemistry, and biology.
  • Many applications: Collaboration and cross-disciplinary research are crucial for advancing quantum biology and unlocking its transformative potential in biology, medicine, and technology.


Facts for Prelims

Superposition: A quantum phenomenon where particles can exist in multiple states simultaneously until measured or observed, in contrast to classical physics where objects have definite properties.

Spins: Quantum properties of electrons that define their interaction with magnetic fields, analogous to the way charge defines their interaction with electric fields.

Deterministic Codebook: A comprehensive understanding of the relationship between quantum causes and physiological outcomes, providing a guide for mapping quantum phenomena to specific biological effects.


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