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River Ropeway over Brahmaputra


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Brahmaputra Ropeway

Mains level : Not Much

 India’s ‘longest’ river ropeway across the Brahmaputra River was unveiled in Guwahati.

Navigate to this page for more readings on Brahmaputra River systems:

Brahmaputra River System

Brahmaputra Ropeway

  • The 1.82 km bi-cable jig-back ropeway connects the southern bank of the Brahmaputra and a hillock behind the Doul Govinda temple in North Guwahati on the other.
  • It passes over the mid-river Peacock Island that houses Umananda, a medieval Shiva temple.
  • It thus cuts travel time between the two banks to 8 minutes.
  • The current travel options between the two banks are by ferry (30 minutes or more, depending on current and season) or by road through a bridge that usually takes over an hour in the traffic.
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