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SC bats for women officers in Army


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Not Much

Mains level : Women in armed forces

The Supreme Court has held that the Army’s “selective” evaluation process discriminates against and disproportionately affects women short service commission officers seeking a permanent commission.

Must read

[Burning Issue] Women in Armed Forces

What did the Court say?

  • The Court held the view that the evaluation criteria set by the Army constituted systemic discrimination against the petitioners (women officers).
  • The evaluation pattern of women officers has caused them economic and psychological harm.
  • In a series of directions, the court ordered that the cases of women officers who have applied for the permanent commission should be reconsidered in a month and the decision on them should be given in two months.

Asks for permanent commission

  • They would be considered for permanent commission subject to disciplinary and vigilance clearance.
  • The court said physical standards should be kept at a premium during selection.
  • The court highlighted how one of the Army’s “administrative requirements” was to benchmark women officers, under consideration for permanent commission, with male officers who are lowest in merit.
  • This is arbitrary and irrational, said Justice Chandrachud.
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