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Arts in news: Tambo Art


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Tambo Art

Mains level : NA


Wayanad farmer creates Ashoka Chakra using Tambo art.

What is Tambo Art?

  • Tambo art is an artistic technique that consists of creating a design with different varieties of rice directly in a rice field.
  • The origin of this art can be traced to Japan where people plant paddy of various varieties and hues to create the desired images.
  • The image of Ashoka Chakra has been created using four varieties of paddy seeds such as Nazar bath, Kala bath, Kaki sala and Ramlee.
  • They will ripen in shades that range from brown to golden, light brown to black, green to black and green to white and black.


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