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Telangana’s Teja Chilli is hot property in many nations


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Teja Chilli

Mains level : Not Much


The burgeoning demand for the popular Teja variety of red chilli, famous for its culinary, medicinal and other wide-ranging uses, in the export market is proving to be a boon for the Telangana Agriculture Market.

Teja Chilli

  • Teja or S17 is one of the hottest varieties of red chillies produced in India. (GI tag not accorded yet.)
  • The chilli is known and liked across the country for its fierce hot flavor and rich aroma.
  • Southern India is the main region of Teja or S17 red chilli production.
  • It has a capsaicin content of 0.50-0.70% making it more pungent and spicy.
  • The huge demand for Oleoresin, a natural chilli extract, is mainly driving the export of Teja variety to various spice processing industries in several Asian countries.

Where it is produced?

  • Khammam district is the largest producer of Teja variety of red chilli.
  • It is the leading exporter of the pungent fruit.
  • The Mudigonda-based Oleoresin extraction firm of a Chinese company is engaged in export of the by product to its clients.

Trade significance of this chilli

  • Teja variety of red chilli is being exported to China, Bangladesh and a few other south Asian countries from Khammam mainly through the Chennai port.
  • The export of Teja variety of red chilli is expected to grow from the present ₹2000 crore per annum to ₹2500 crore next year.


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