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What are Hakku Patras or Title Deeds?


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Hakku Patra

Mains level: Land rights to tribals

hakku patra

PM has distributed Hakku Patra (land title deeds) to five Lambani (Banjara) tribes, a nomadic Scheduled Caste group, during a launch programme in Karnataka.

What are Hakku Patras?

  • A title deed is a property ownership document, and the bearer of the document owns the land.
  • The title deeds enable owners to avail of bank loans with the said document.
  • They will also be eligible to buy or sell land to which the title deed is granted by the government.
  • This Hakku Patra will secure the future of thousands of people living in the “Tandas” (Lambani habitats) in Kalaburagi, Bidar, Yadgiri, Raichur and Vijayapura districts.

Benefits of Hakku Patra 

Hakku Patra, like every legal property document, offers a great set of benefits.

  • It makes one the legitimate owner of your land or property by giving an up-to-date and official record of who owns the land.
  • The individual does not have to research as the government issues the document.
  • It is a state-guaranteed document.
  • Hakku Patra registration resolves all types of disputes regarding the ownership or rights over the land.
  • The document helps in preventing any encroachment via trespassing on the boundaries.

Who are the Banjaras?

  • The Banjara, also known as Lambadi, Gour Rajput, Labana, are a historically nomadic trading caste who may have origins in the Mewar region of what is now Rajasthan.
  • According to the National Informatics Centre, the name Banjara /Banjari probably had come from two different sources: ‘Banijya’ – trade or ‘Banachara’, the forest dwellers.
  • Their principal group’s name Laban/Labana is derived from the Sanskrit word lavanah, meaning salt as they were salt traders.
  • Although considered a tribal group given the life they lead, the Banjaras are a key scheduled caste sub-group in Karnataka.
  • Despite the community adopting a multitude of languages, Banjara is used throughout India, although in Karnataka the name is altered to Banijagaru.

Questions of a political move 

  • The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes together make up nearly 24 per cent of the state population, becoming an important group for political parties.
  • The expenses incurred for the programme were funded by the state exchequer.


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