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What is Project Dantak?


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Prelims level: Project Dantak

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The Prime Minister has praised the initiative by Border Roads Organisation Project Dantak to commemorate 64th Raising Day.

What is Project Dantak?

Establishment Established on April 24, 1961, as per the agreement between the third king of Bhutan and then Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru.
Objective Identify the most important aspects of connectivity and spur the socio-economic development and growth of Bhutan.
Responsibility Construct and maintain roads suitable for motorised transportation in Bhutan.
Legal Provision Established under the provision of the Indo-Bhutan Treaty of Peace and Friendship, 1949.


Works and Involvement

Infrastructure Development Constructing infrastructure in adjoining Indian districts, including Sherbathang–Nathu La road, Gangtok–Sherbathang road, and Sevoke–Gangtok road.
Establishment of Facilities Establishing medical and education facilities in outlying areas, which were the first in those regions.
Takthi Canteen Takthi Canteen, commonly known as the DANTAK canteen, is a major stop for travelers midway between Phuentsholing and Thimphu.
Recruitment of Workers Recruiting local workers from Bhutan and Indian workers from adjoining districts like Jaigaon, Alipurduar, and other parts of Eastern and North-Eastern India under a basic monthly wage.
Supervision of Work Posting officials from India for the supervision of work.


Controversies and Incidents

  • The Bhutanese Government accused DANTAK of installing Indian tricolour-themed raised pavement markers or reflectors on the highway railings. DANTAK confirmed their presence, and those reflectors were immediately replaced.
  • A 204 meters long bridge in Haa along the Damchu-Haa road collapsed in February 2021, leaving 3 workers dead and 6 missing. The bridge was handed over to Project DANTAK by the contractor.
  • The project has faced criticisms for its approach to hiring practices and labor management.

Major projects undertaken

  • Paro Airport: Built in 1968 as an airstrip for on-call helicopter services for the Indian Armed Forces. Now used as an international airport.
  • Yonphula Airfield: Domestic Airport in Bhutan
  • Thimphu – Trashigang Highway: Major Highway in Bhutan
  • Damchu-Chukha Road: Major Road in Bhutan
  • India House Estate: The Indian Embassy in Bhutan.


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