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Who were Nolamba Pallavas?


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level: Nolamba Pallava Dynasty

Mains level: NA

Central Idea

  • Ancient relics belonging to the Nolamba Pallavas dynasty were unearthed in Cholemarri village, situated 22 km from Penukonda in Sri Sathya Sai district.

Significant Findings

  • Battlefield Site: Evidence suggests a fierce battle in the 9th century AD between the Nolamba Pallavas and the Bhana-Vaidambas.
  • Inscriptions and Artifacts:
    1. An inscription of Mahendra Nolambadhi Raja (875-897 AD), ruler of Henjeru (now Hemavati), was found in the fields.
    2. Hero stones with Telugu inscriptions (written in ancient Kannada script) from the Nolamba and Vijayanagara periods were discovered near Anjaneyaswamy temple.

About the Nolamba Dynasty

  • Time Period: Ruled from the 8th to the 12th centuries C.E.
  • Geographical Extent: Nolambavadi region, covering parts of southeast Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Political History: Initially feudatories to Pallavas, Chalukyas of Badami, Gangas, and Rashtrakutas, later to Chalukyas of Kalyani. Often referred to as Nolamba Pallava in inscriptions.
  • Capitals: Initially Chitradurga, later shifted to Hemavati.
  • Origin:
    • Founded by Mangala Nomabathi Raja (735–785 A.D.).
    • Emerged as governors under Pallavas and Chalukyas.
    • Experienced shifts in allegiance between Pallavas, Chalukyas, Banas, and Vaidumbas.
    • The term “Nolambas” came into existence post the Chalukyas’ resurgence under Vikramaditya I.
  • Decline: Overrun by Ganga king Marasimha, who claimed the title Nolambakulantaka.
  • Cultural Contributions: Known for constructing grand temple complexes like Kalleshwara Temple in Aralaguppe, Bhoganandishwara Temple in Nandi, and Ramalingeshwara Temple in Avani.
  • Religious Affiliation: Predominantly Shaivites, with temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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