[Prelims Spotlight] Phalcon AWACS

Here’s a Factoid to brush up your concepts

Name : Phalcon AWACS

Defence Forces : Air Force

Module Type : Tech Misc.

Brief Intro : Phalcon AWACS(Airborne Warning AND Control Systems) is the India First AWACS which is capable of detecting any aerial threats more effectively than ground-based radars.It is also capable to defend the IAF against cruise missiles and hostile aircraft more efficiently.

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Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher
8 months ago

Just wondering how the system works, as I got here from looking up the Israeli Iron Beam, their new pulsed inexpensive missile defense system which hopefully will take the place of the Iron Dome. I’m wondering if the US will adopt this as well, rather than firing missiles like the Standard missile, which has intercepted ICBMs in-flight.