QEP 2020: Quality Enrichment Program for UPSC Mains 2020 | 250+ most probable topics, mentorship and tests | Starts this week

How to clear mains in two months? Answer writing
Lectures covering 250+ most probable topics/themes (ethics case studies included), Mains Full-length test series, Mentorship, Habitat membership for Daily Answer Writing

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Mains 2020 is close and time is a scarcity. Almost every aspirant was affected by Covid19 led shutdown and displacement. Preparation was disrupted on a massive scale, access to notes and material was restricted, and continuity was broken. Now, with less than 75 days left, we can’t afford to lose sight on our goal.

At this point in time studying everything is not desirable neither is it feasible. You don’t have time to read everything, segregate what is important and what’s not, make notes, cover different dimensions, and then find a way to utilize that. What you need at this point in time is efficient and organized coverage of the most relevant topics for the IAS mains exam. With QEP we aim to help you achieve all this.

What is QEP 2020?

QEP or Quality Enrichment Program is an intensive and holistic program for IAS Mains 2020 GS papers. We aim to cover 250+ most relevant and probable issues with a 360-degree view, covering all dimensions of each and every topic. Not only you’ll learn and analyze these issues but will also understand how to utilize them via Daily Answer Writing and Mains Test Series.

Why QEP?

Current affairs in the IAS mains exam must be covered from an ‘issue perspective’ and almost all of them have multiple dimensions to it, various stakeholders involved, have interconnectedness, and can be solved with a multipronged approach only. This should reflect in your answers.

QEP will help you enrich your pre-existing coverage and will add quality to it. With tests and mentorship, you will get an evaluation and necessary course correction. And we will provide daily answer writing to help you sharpen your answer writing skills and knowledge with our daily initiatives on Habitat.

Comprehensive coverage of 250+ most relevant and probable topics/themes for UPSC mains 2020

Coverage of topics/themes in QEP will have one and only one purpose – to enable you to write great answers for any question from a particular topic. You can leave your GS current affairs topic coverage to us and focus on answer writing and revising.

All relevant topics/themes will get covered within a month leaving you with ample amount of time to revise them and practice answers multiple times.

Mains FLTs 2020 – Test series

Because you need to learn and practice answer writing as well. These 12 Full-length GS mains tests are going to be a part of QEP. More details here.

One-to-one Mentorship

After every test you can reach out to your mentor to discuss your test copies, understand the nuances of answer writing, find out the mistakes that you are committing, bringing necessary course correction and closing the learning loop.

Membership to exclusive group on Habitat

You’ll be assigned to a special group on Civilsdaily’s Habitat, it’s headed by Sajal sir and other faculty from Civilsdaily. This group also membered by UPSC rankers and in-service officers to guide you.

Habitat is where everything comes together learning, doubt clearing, notes, references, mentor’s support, and a focussed community. You’re going to learn and discuss like never before.

Here you are going to participate in Daily answer writing sessions, essay discussion and writing, ethics discussion, optional discussions, etc.

That’s not all, we’ve Daily news analysis and Op-ed discussion sessions on Habitat as well. 

UPSC IAS Mains test series 2020 2021

Program Inclusion:

  1. 250+ most probable and relevant topics/themes comprehensively covered (including ethics case studies)
  2. Mains essential video lectures series (50+ hours)
  3. Mains FLTs 2020  – 12 tests
  4. Personal Mentorship – Post-test discussion
  5. Membership to the exclusive group on Habitat
  6. Daily answer writing and discussion, on most probable questions (min 6 questions)

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Note: It being a mentorship-driven program intake would be limited.

The program will start from the first week of November.

Should you have more queries reach out to us at: hello@civilsdaily.com or +91 8929987787

This is what our students have to say…

Kunal Aggarwal Civilsdaily IAS UPSC Mains
IAS Mains 2020 2021 UPSC Civilsdaily Mains Test series
From Quora answer. (Read the full answer here)

Mains Test Series Community: Testimonials

For queries, reach out to us at +91 89299 87787 or hello@civilsdaily.com

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