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We are shifting the Prelims Mocks to an even better environment. We realised that rather than having you guys put out your answers on the comments, it would be better than we automate the exam taking process and let the blogs remain purely for post exam discussion purpose.

The new platform is available at –

The Mocks #5 to #10 will be FREE and the final 4 Full Length tests would be PAID

  1. The Mocks #1 to #4 were held FREE for our readers at our blog section. You can find the questions and solutions in the same post. Click here.
  2. Solutions to Mock #4 will be updated on the coming Sunday
  3. Post that, all the mocks and full length tests would be scheduled on the testing platform which we mentioned above. Click here if you missed it and enroll now.

Where is the future heading to?

We have been actively experimenting with the best ways of getting news, content and now tests across to you. We started innovating on newscards, then went on to long form explainers, tit bits, MCQ mazes and finally these mocks.

For the IAS 2016 aspirants – 

Due care and utmost efforts have been taken in making sure we give you a mix bag of questions in all our tests series. The 4 full length tests are being designed to ensure that we mimic UPSC’s changing flavours and give you the best pre-match flavour 🙂

For IAS 2017 and beyond – 

If you think you have covered a good part of the syllabus (~50%), you should be able to attempt all the mocks. Further with the explanations – you will find what you tend to miss out while you cover those standard books.

We will be announcing our test series for the next year in a few months’ time. The idea is to make an intelligent system which understands your test taking abilities and guides you through similar difficulty level questions so that you can improve with time.

NOTE: If you have any suggestions around how to make your preparation holistic, shoot a mail to – We are always open to suggestions and we have proved that time and again 🙂

But for now – to remind you again, join the new platform for both the test series. Click here. 

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