SIP Crash Course – 2 days left to join the program.


In the month of February, we plan to cover Previous Years Current Affairs and Advanced Lectures on Static Subjects – Polity, History, Geography, Economy, Science & Technology, etc.

Previous Years Current Affairs will ensure good coverage in the shortest possible time.

Advanced Lectures lectures will not explain you the concept per se but instead focus on important trivial details that you tend to miss.
In prelims, the questions are framed from these very details and hence, they cannot be missed at any cost.
We will cover all the basic and advanced books for explaining these issues. Advanced Lectures for Polity have already been updated and made better.

More about the program. It has 4 components.
1. Current Affairs Previous Years – (Prerecorded June 2016-May 2018)- 40 hours
2. Current Affairs – 40 hours
3. Budget + Eco Survey – 15 hours
4. Static Lectures – 60 hours
Total – Over 150 Hours of lecture
Broad Time Table (Detailed Time Table will be shared later)
February – Current Affairs Previous Year and Economic Survey + Budget
March – Current Affairs – 1st phase – Till December 2018
April – Current Affairs – 2nd phase – After December 2018
On popular demand a variant on discount is as follows –
Old Student Discount Applicable
Prime TS and SM students get 20% discount – *Please ensure you are enrolled in those courses first*
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