Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Nepal’s Maoist chief Prachanda set to become PM

  1. No competitors had come forward to challenge Prachanda’s candidacy!
  2. But the voting will still go ahead and he must show the support of the majority of the parliament members to become the PM
  3. Trivia: Prachanda’s real name is Pushpa Kamal Dahal. Prachanda is the nom de guerre he used while he was a rebel leader
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Nepal’s K.P. Sharma Oli resigns as prime minister

  1. Oli’s resignation is the latest crisis to hit Nepal, which has suffered from years of political instability
  2. Oli was forced to quit after former Maoist rebels deserted his ruling coalition
  3. Nepal had recently adopted a new constitution to bolster Nepal’s transformation to a democratic republic
  4. But ongoing discussions between the government and protesters over the charter have failed to yield agreement.
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

India rejects Oli charge on Nepal political crisis

  1. News: An anonymous source said that it was Chinese officials and not Indians who were meeting members of all political parties in Nepal to save the Oli government
  2. Context: Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli faced a no-trust motion in Parliament
  3. He had earlier said that he ‘will fight back any interference from India’
  4. The 9-month-old Communist Party of Nepal government led by Oli was reduced to a minority after the Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’-led UCPN-Maoist withdrew support 4 days ago
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Nepal gets first woman chief justiceSC Judgements

  1. Sushila Karki became the first female acting Chief Justice of Nepal’s Supreme Court
  2. Nepal, though still a deeply patriarchal society, is becoming increasingly inclusive
  3. Last year, a specially elected Constituent Assembly approved the first post-monarchical constitution
  4. It gave women the right to “proportional inclusion” in all government organs
  5. Also guaranteed equal property rights to daughters and required that the president and vice-president be from different genders and communities
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Nepal inks transit treaty with China, to have first rail link

  1. Context: Nepal PM Oli’s high-profile visit to China
  2. News: China agreed to Nepal’s request to build a strategic railway link between the two countries through Tibet
  3. The 2 sides cemented their ties by signing 10 agreements including a landmark transit trade deal
  4. Reason: There are fears of a repeat of recent long crippling blockade by  Madhesis, who blocked Nepal’s trade routes with India
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Nepal PM Oli pitches for equality in bilateral ties

  1. Context: Nepal PM is on week-long visit to India, in order to bring normalcy in the relationship between two countries, which suffered a huge blow after the promulgation of Constitution in Nepal
  2. News: Nepal PM said that ties between India and Nepal should be based on the principle of sovereign equality
  3. Our cultural connections are so deep that our relationship should not be judged on the basis of agreements and treaties
  4. MEA Opinion: India had tried to play a constructive role, as an elder brother, during the 5-month-long economic blockade
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Nepal PM Oli says India visit aimed at normalising ties

  1. Context: The upcoming visit of Nepal PM K.P. Sharma Oli to India
  2. Background: The visit comes in the backdrop of Madhesis ending their crippling protests and blockade that had soured the bilateral ties
  3. News: Nepal PM said that his maiden visit to India is aimed at bringing bilateral ties back on track by clearing misunderstandings and to further promote our age-old ties
  4. He also defended the new Constitution as inclusive and democratic as it has all the features of a democratic Constitution
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Madhesi leader demands India as guarantor

  1. The main Madhesi leader Rajendra Mahato demanded that India should step into Nepal’s domestic negotiations.
  2. It comes at a time when Nepal is planning to implement a series of Constitutional amendments.
  3. The govt. of Nepal has agreed on two of their demands for the amendment process.
  4. But, the govt. has asked 3 months time for the main demand of re-drawing of State boundaries, which was necessary to protect Madhesi identity.
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

NC, Madhesis agree to resolve crisis

  1. Nepal’s main Opposition party Nepali Congress and the agitating group of Indian-origin Madhesis held discussions on current political crisis.
  2. The two agreed to resolve the crisis as soon as possible, due to the ongoing blockade of key border trade points with India.
  3. They held discussions on contemporary issues and the ongoing unrest in the Terai region.
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Deal to end blockade reached: Nepal Deputy PM

  1. The 3-step political agreement has been reached between the govt of Nepal and the protesting Madhesi parties, to resolve the crippling economic blockade.
  2. The issue of territorial demarcation of the Madhesis and their cultural and political rights would be adequately addressed.
  3. A key aspect of the solution package will be the constitutional amendments and other decisions would be implemented immediately.
  4. The leaders from two countries met to discuss ways and means to keep internal politics of the neighbour on a separate track from India-Nepal relationship.
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

We were forced to secure energy deal with China

  1. Nepal and China have signed a landmark energy deal which will transform the Himalayan country’s future energy scenario.
  2. It’s a long-term pact which will free Nepal of economic and energy dependence on India.
  3. The energy deal was steamed ahead by the acute fuel scarcity in Nepal due to the ongoing blockade on the Nepal-India border.
  4. MEA said that New Delhi was ready to facilitate airlifting of the Aviation turbine fuel to Nepal.
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Nepal gets first woman President

Nepal’s Parliament elected communist lawmaker Bidhya Bhandari as the country’s first woman President after the adoption of a landmark Constitution.

  1. Ms. Bhandari has served as Defence Minister from 2009 to 2011.
  2. She was hailed by campaigners for her strong stance in favour of increasing female representation in Parliament to 33%.
  3. She supported a provision in the new charter that bars Nepali single mothers and women married to foreigners from passing on citizenship to their children.
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Blockade brings Kathmandu to a halt

  1. The gas scarcity which is the result of the blockade on the India-Nepal border has impacted the tourist flow most severely.
  2. The most shocking impact of the blockade has been the almost near absence of vehicles, due to shortage of fuels.
  3. There is harsh criticism against Indian govt. as the blockade enforced by Madhesi parties is viewed as pro-India.
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Will serve Nepal again if parties want

  1. President Ram Baran Yadav said that proper representation has to be ensured to all communities and territorial regions of Nepal if internal order and harmony is to be restored.
  2. Nepal’s Parliament is going to elect a new President on October 27.
  3. Political parties can choose a Madhesi, to maintain balance and order in the country.
  4. President considers the careless division of the Madhesi region to be a greater problem for his people.
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Veteran communist elected Nepal PM

  1. K.P. Sharma Oli is elected as the country’s first Prime Minister under the new constitutional system.
  2. Mr. Oli is a known opponent of the rights of the people of Terai.
  3. Mr. Oli, of the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist Leninist), secured 338 votes out of a total of 598.
  4. This has upset Madhesi leadership, who termed the veteran communist’s election a hasty action.
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Fresh blow to hopes of settlement to Nepal statute controversy

Hopes for settlement dealt another blow, as Parliament failed to pass two crucial amendments introduced by Prime Minister, to assuage the Madhesi demands over constituency delineation and proportional inclusion.

  1. There is a shortage of fuel, medicines and essential foods in the country due to the Madhesi protests, leading to piling of trucks at India-Nepal border checkpoints.
  2. Nepal has assured of foolproof security to the govt to escort every truck once it enters Nepal.
  3. Nepal gets 100% of its fuel from the Indian Oil Corporation.
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Nepal adopts historic constitution

Nepal adopted its first democratic constitution , a historic step for a nation that has seen war, a palace massacre and devastating earthquakes since a campaign to create a modern state began more than 65 years ago.

  1. The constitution defines Nepal as a secular and federal system, despite widespread protests for it to be declared a Hindu state.
  2. A clause stating “Religious and cultural freedom, with the protection of religion and culture practiced since ancient times.
  3. Proselytising remains illegal, reflecting fears of growing numbers of low-caste and other marginalized groups converting to Christianity.
  4. The constitution is the first in Asia to specifically protect the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.
  5. The state and the judiciary are prohibited from discriminating against sexual and gender minorities.
  6. The rhododendron is the national flower, and the cow remains the national animal.
Nepal’s Constitution & Emerging Developments

Nepal to unveil new Constitution

  1. A fully democratic Constitution will be promulgated by the Nepal President Ram Baran Yadav.
  2. The Constitution should have the broadest possible support and the outcome should honour fundamental rights such as gender equality and basic freedoms.
  3. Nepal was declared a secular state in 2006 after the end of a decade-long civil war between Maoist insurgents and the state that claimed nearly 16,000 lives.

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