UPSC interviews postponed – What to do now?


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Due to the prevailing situations created by Covid-19 pandemic UPSC Interviews have been postponed until further notice. 

Even if you are already done with your UPSC interviews, there were certain hiccups, continuity has been broken. Your plan seems disrupted. First UPSC Interviews and then Covid-19. We know how you are feeling. But it is time not to feel agitated, collect yourself, and bring efficiency to your preparation.


For all those who will be appearing for UPSC prelims 2020, get back to prelims preparation asap. Start taking prelims mock tests. All you need at this time is revision. You have cleared prelims once or multiple times in the past, but it is a tricky situation this time. Things weren’t the same, last year.


In our Decimate prelims, We have been advocating smart study and calculated risks via our score boosting techniques (Tikdams/ तिकड़म) right from 2016.

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But, at the same time, you can’t be complacent regarding your Interview preparation. The need of the hour is to find that balance. Your mentors at Civilsdaily are here to help and make your preparation efficient.

For those who are not appearing for the UPSC Prelims 2020, it is advisable to keep revising current issues, work on the DAF and the feedback given in the mock interviews, and if needed revise your approach. Now you have time, take it as an opportunity to improve. 


Stay Home Stay Safe.


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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch