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January 7-14, 2018

Tests Live @ CD 

Prelims Test Series [Join Anytime]:

  • 5 January: TS 06 CA – July’17 Flagship Prelims Test Series Batch 3: Attempt here
  • 11 January: TS 07 Geography Flagship Prelims Test Series Batch 3: Attempt here
  • 14 January: TS 16 Polity (Advanced) Flagship Prelims Test Series Batch 1 & 2: Attempt here

Samachar Manthan Initiative: Current affairs coverage on weekly basis along with dedicated answer checking and detailed explanatory videos: Know more and join here

  • 7 January: Week 4  Video lecture and Mains Answer Writing Test now available: Join here

Prelims Prep with Dr. V

Special Mains Oriented Content @ CD

  • Complete coverage of UPSC Prelims + Mains Economics Syllabus @ Indian Economy  | The economics syllabus is curated and made UPSC specific by Himanshu Arora, Ph.D. Candidate from JNU
  • 60 Important Case Studies of Ethics from Pooja Chaudhary and Pritam Kumar with critical inputs from Dr. Vipin Garg, IAS


  • CivilsDigest + Prelims Daily Mega combo released for November 2017 to May 2018: Click2buy the 6-month compilation for Rs. 299 only
  • 100 Most Probable Questions & Answers for Mains 2017 + 100 Most Probable Issues for Mains 2017 + 60 Most Probable Ethics Case Studies | IAS 2017-18: Click2Get
  • Prelims 2017 Analysis + Directions for Prelims 2018 Workbook by Dr. V: Click2buy


  • QIP Geography videos by K Siddhartha sir- Open Access: Click2watch

Other Initiatives

UPSC Calendar/Announcements

  • Result of Indian Forest Service Mains 2017 declared
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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch