9 Aug 2017 | Target Mains: GS Questions With Official Answers

GS Paper 1: Physical geography

Q.1) Tropical cyclones are largely confined to South China Sea, Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Mexico. Why?

Source: NCERT


GS Paper 2: Polity & Governance

Q.2) Discuss the issues in the existing legal framework with respect to Groundwater? How can Groundwater Bill, 2017 address the ground water crisis in India?

Source:  http://www.civilsdaily.com/op-ed-snap-a-gathering-crisis-the-need-for-groundwater-regulation/



GS Paper 3: Indian Economy

Q.3) The Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) mandate is agriculture education, research and farm extension. Critically evaluate its performance over the years and how it must be revamped?

Source: http://www.civilsdaily.com/op-ed-snap-the-classroom-and-the-field/


GS Paper 4: Ethics and Integrity

Q.4) At times, due to the political influence the civil servants are prevented from serving the people in a way they want. Do you think civil servants, especially IAS officers, should be given more powers to serve people better? Critically comment. (150 Words) (10 marks)