13 Oct 2016 | Target Mains: GS Questions & DNA Framework

GS1 (Geography)

Recent reports suggest that deforestation has weakened monsoon rains in the Ganga basin and in North east India. Explain how deforestation affects the monsoon rains. Also discuss the likely consequences of the deforestation and measures needed to prevent deforestation in this region.

Demand – What are the likely effects of deforestation on rains. How does rain pattern vary due to it? Discuss other effects of cutting down of trees and what can be done to reverse it.


– Introduction and effects of deforestation on rains (3 marks)

– Economic and social effects of deforestation (4 marks)

– Steps to bring down the level of deforestation in Ganga basin (3 marks)

GS2 (Issues relating to education sector)

If the goal of a university is not myopically defined to train students only in a particular subject, but is to prepare students for unforeseen and unimagined things that life has to offer, then politics is very important, as a part and parcel of college. Critically comment in the light of recently released TSR Subramanian committee report.

Demand – Discuss the debate about college politics and analyse if it deflects students from their original goal of study. Take a context of TSR Subramanian committee report in this regard.


– What was the TSR Subramanian committee about? (2 marks)

– Give brief points about its recommendations. (3 marks)

– Discuss the positive and negatives of the recommendation to stay away from politics. (3 marks)

– Conclusion (2 marks)

GS3 (Indian economy)

What do you understand by the term “Bad Bank”? How will the Bad bank deal with the problem of NPA in India? What are the major issues/challenges in implementing the idea of bad banks?

Demand – Define bad bank, purposes for which it is demanded. How will it solve problem of rising NPAs? Is India ready for such an idea?


– Define bad bank (2 marks)

– Objectives of bad bank (2 marks)

– How will they address problems of NPAs? (3 marks)

– Challenges and difficulties in Indian context (3 marks)

GS4 (Ethics in governance)

Do ethical considerations come into play in climate change negotiations? What strategies would you use to converge the ethical positions of different nations.

Demand – Discuss the ethical issues in climate change negotiations, and measures to resolve them.


– Why are countries not able to come to an agreement in regards to climate change? (5 marks)

– Strategies to address divergence. (5 marks)

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