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ANNOUNCEMENT – There is a change in format. Students will now have to post answers on the questions page separately by clicking on the links given below. We plan to track progress for each of the GS papers and to achieve the same, this modification becomes important. Students who are unable to post answers, please email hello@civilsdaily.com. You will receive a resolution for sure. 

Question 1)

Identify the regions being impacted by desertification in India. Bringing out the major reasons for it, analyse the effectiveness of steps taken to combat it.(250 Words)

Question 2)

Nagaland government’s move to compile a Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) opens up new avenues for conflicts rather than possibilities. Discuss.(250 Words)

Question 3)

Efforts like the IndSpaceEx are important to determine the degree of the space security challenges India faces and to develop appropriate measures for effective deterrence. Analyse.(250 Words)

Question 4)

Answer the following questions:. (a) How does the cultural relativism defines “good”? Which method does it follow for arriving at moral beliefs? (b)Why does cultural relativism supposedly make us more tolerant of other cultures and, critically examine the view that moral values are relative?(250 Words)

Reviews will be provided in a week for. (In the order of submission- First come first serve basis). In case the answer is submitted late the review period may get extended to two weeks.

*In case your answer is not reviewed in a week, reply to your answer saying *NOT CHECKED*. If Parth Sir’s tag is available then tag him.

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