29th December 2018 | Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

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Question 1)

Improving child-sex ratio is government’s answer to combating the skewed demographic profile in India. Critically analyse the schemes dedicated for the purpose. (150 W/ 10 M)

Question 2)

The Union Home Secretary has promulgated an order authorising 10 Central agencies to monitor, intercept and decrypt information which is transmitted, generated, stored in or received by any computer within India. Do you think the right to free speech and expression including privacy is under danger. Critically examine. (200 W / 15 M)

Question 3)

Do you think that use of Plastic bags be completely banned in India? Critically Analyze. (150 W/ 10 M)

Question 4)

Ethics Case Study: You are posted in a district as DM. The agriculture sector has been hit severely this year in your district due to bad rains. There has been an increase in farmers’ deaths due to suicide. Due to this crisis faced by farmers, there is a protest on the main highway passing through the district. During the protest, two innocent famers got killed by a bullet fired by police. They were the sole bread earning members in their families. This made the situation more intense. People have blocked the highway and are sitting with the dead bodies. How will you pacify the crowd? What are the various options before you? Discuss them with their merits and demerits suggesting which course of action will you take and why? (150 W/ 10 M)


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