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Question 1)

Puppetry is one of the most prominent divisions of theatre in India since Ancient times. Though puppeteers and puppet-scholars have been engaged in the revival of regional puppets, however, this art form is mostly unknown to the rest of the country. Discuss the changes which could be noticed in the revived puppetry art and it’s rational in contemporary India. (200 W)

Question 2)

What do you understand by ‘Communalism’ in the Indian context? What are its stages? Critically analyse its growth and development in India. (250 W)

Question 3)

Legislating payments out of RBI’s excess capital could compromise its independence. Critically examine keeping in mind the recent committee established for examining issues of how much equity that RBI should hold. (200 W)

Question 4)

Not all have the courage to speak at injustice and this is what transforms the honest people into soldier without guns. Explain the essence of this statement in the context of recent trends in the government organizations? (150 W)


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Ans 4comment imagecomment image

Pritam Kumar

Hi GK,
-The content of the answer is poor…
-There is no introduction in answer, as we need to explain about courage in short. The example of first para is good…but that connotes the points of main body…
-The ideas and points presented on 2nd page is irrelevant and not at par with the question asked…

The answer demands us to explain about the courage, and mention why its is difficult and not found in many person…then come to civil servant’s context, like why it is important for them to be courageous. further bring example if any and conclude…

Basically you need to have conceptual clarity regarding the topic…keep writing will improve for sure…

Refer our model answer for better clarity…

harsimran kaur
harsimran kaur

CDTEST22672 Ans 2comment imagecomment image PLease Review

Pritam Kumar

Hi Harsimran,
-The answer is very good…examples are much relevant especially the Babri Masjid one…nice approach…well written…

-Good conclusion as well…
Nice attempt…well done…keep it up…keep writing…

Marks awarded: 8/15