29th November 2018 | Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

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Question 1)

The economic theory by linking Indian poverty to colonialism was trying to corrode the moral authority of colonial rule, and also perhaps by implication challenging the whole paternalistic imperialism or British benevolence. Comment. (150 W/10 M)

Question 2)

A dedicated privacy law is being demanded vociferously in the country. In this context it is said that the data protection framework will need to treat privacy as a social and not just an individual need. Discuss.(150 W/ 10 M)

Question 3)

What are the uses and advantages of Lithium ion batteries? Examine India’s technological and manufacturing capabilities in this crucial product. (150 W/ 10 M)

Question 4)

What is your conception of Good Life? How can it be attained? (150 W/ 10 M)

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