5th November 2018 | Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

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Question 1)

Prohibiting women entry and worshiping in spaces dominated by male custodian of religion is not just a matter of violating women’s equality in matters of faith but also their dignity and continuation of male appropriation of religion. Critically analyse in the context of recent landmark judgment given by Supreme Court. (250W/15M)

Question 2)

What are the merits of the idea of conducting simultaneous elections for state assemblies and Parliament? Are there compelling reasons for India to consider this option? Critically examine. (150W/10M)

Question 3)

What are the myths and realities associated with GM food? Do you think India should maintain its still-rich genetic diversity for the future of our agriculture instead of going for GM crops? Critically comment. (150W/10M)

Question 4)

What do you mean by SMART Governance? Highlight its significance in the context of Indian Bureaucracy. (150W/10M)

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