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Question 1)

By offering an ideological critique of the western civilization in its modern phase, Gandhiji was effectively contesting the moral legitimacy of the Raj that rested on a stated assumption of the superiority of the west. Comment (10 marks)

Question 2)

The recent year has witnessed increased anti-India protest in the Valley of Jammu and Kashmir with rising insurgency and intense counter insurgency operations causing acute distress. Discuss the region behind such prolonged situation and suggest suitable strategy to tackle the problem. (12 ½ M)

Question 3)

What are the main functions of the EBRD? Recently India has become member of EBRD, what benefits will India derive from its membership? (10 M)

Question 4)

With the decrement of ethics and moral values and increasing demand for standards such as accountability and responsibility in public services, what are the ethical concerns and dilemmas that may arise for a public servant? How can a public servant prepare himself to face these ethical challenges so as to perform his duties efficiently? ( 10 marks 150 words)

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