9th March 2019 | Prelims Daily with Previous Year Questions

Q.1) Consider the following statements:

  1. The India State of Forest Report counts both plantations and private lands for estimating the portion of India’s geographical area covered by forest.
  2. The report is published annually by the Survey of India.

Select the correct statements:

a) Only 1

b) Only 2

c) Both 1 and 2

d) Neither 1 nor 2

Inspired by: Do forest surveys separately

Do forest surveys separately


Q.2) Recently the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court has referred a famous dispute for mediation of eminent persons.  Which of the following authorizes the courts to do so?

a) Indian Evidence Act

b) Civil Procedure Code

c) Constitution of India

d) Courts take suo-moto decisions for such issues

Inspired by: Mediation in Ayodhya dispute

Mediation in Ayodhya dispute


Q.3) The India Cooling Action Plan recently seen in news is an initiative by:

a) The Energy and Resources Institute

b) Bureau of Energy Efficiency

c) NITI Aayog

d) None of the above

Inspired by: [pib] India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP)

[pib] India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP)


Q.4) The Lantana Camara sometimes seen in news in context to the Bandipur Tiger Reserve is a:

a) Taxonomic name of Siberian Crane

b) Invasive weed specie

c) Endemic specie of frog

d) None of these

Inspired by: Explained: Why are fires frequent at the Bandipur reserve?

Explained: Why are fires frequent at the Bandipur reserve?


Q.5) The Delta 32 effect recently seen in news is related to the treatment of:

a) HIV

b) Zika


d) Swine flu

Inspired by: [op-ed snap] The Delta 32 effect

[op-ed snap] The Delta 32 effect




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5 years ago

For Ques 2 . Your explaination suggests option b is correct choice. But optioned d is marked right.
same goes with Ques 4 option b is correct choice. But optioned a is marked right.

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5 years ago
Reply to  robin ranjan

You are right. Apologies for the typos.


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