Here are the ways You Can Fight Inconsistency in Your UPSC-CSE Preparation|| How to Make Studying a Daily Habit for Your UPSC Goal?|| Fill Civilsdaily Free 1-on-1 Counselling Session for Guidance by Veterans within 24 Hrs

Everything that has a value in life is a product of consistency — Health, Fitness, Wealth, Relationships and Your UPSC Aspiration as well. Choosing consistency is better than chasing perfection. Nobody can be perfect, but everyone can stay consistent.

Choosing to be a UPSC Aspirant means you have signed up for a roller-coaster of emotions for a period of 1-2 years. Not all days are going to be the same, that is for sure. Some days you’re extremely motivated and positive, and on other days, you might find yourself questioning EVERYTHING about your preparation! It is absolutely normal. This is something extremely inevitable. Even the best of the toppers can have the worst days during the preparation phase simply because it is an extremely long and often a lonely process.

It’s fine to be inconsistent for a short while. Maybe a day or two in the initial phase. But don’t make it a habit. Regular inconsistency won’t fetch you the desired result. But what exactly is inconsistency?

What did Aspirants say made them Inconsistent 1-on-1 Free Counselling Session?

Last month, we had counselled about 4000 aspirants and found out the major reasons why are in inconsistent in their UPSC preparation. Here are few of the responses we received (we have withheld names to respect their privacy)

1. “I am inconsistent because my thoughts don’t line up with my actions. I like the idea of being an IAS officer, but I am unable to study for it.”

2. “There are days when I brood about the competition and think do I really stand a chance? That’s what keeps me studying for many days together.”, shared another

3. “I am a working professional and I am unable to find time to study for weeks together.”

4. “I am unable to make a timetable that can do justice to both my pace and the vast syllabus of UPSC”

5. “This is my third attempt. The thought of repeating the same cycle of studies and reading those dreary books once again keeps me from staying consistent.”

6. “I feel burnt out. There are days I put in so much effort studying for UPSC that I won’t feel like the next day.”

7. “Social Media. I get distracted often.”

8. “The preparation makes me feel lonely. Sometimes I wish I had a well-wisher who could pull me out of my inconsistent ways.”

What we could understand from this is that self-doubt kills enthusiasm to prepare for UPSC. And fear of failure stops you from staying consistent. It’s important to inculcate consistency as a UPSC aspirant as consistency leads to habits. Habits lead to action and action makes you successful.

Inconsistency is the frenemy of every UPSC aspirant — they look like your friend at first, but they are your enemy in disguise. It doesn’t even let you achieve 10% of your actual potential. You know that you are capable of so many things if you stopped being inconsistent.

Keeping this in mind, we have launched our mentorship program this week. The highlight of our free 1-on-1 sessions would be to suggest ways that can help you stay focused during your long preparation journey for UPSC.

How does 1-on-1 Mentorship fights inconsistency in UPSC Preparation?

Our philosophy behind MENTORSHIP is to get you out of this Snooze cycle. This ensures that you are the BEST VERSION of yourself in this journey. If you are under the impression that mentorship is weekly calls you attend, then you are mistaken, my friend. Trust us, your mentor will be your ‘FRIEND, PHILOSOPHER AND GUIDE’.

TO EACH THEIR OWN – Every aspirant is different. Their strengths and weaknesses are different. Their time availability is also different. Identifying this is important so you don’t end up making unrealistic targets and lose momentum. Your mentor will make sure you start slow but remain consistent to build your confidence. Making your schedule structured based on our experience of working with 2500+ students is our first priority. 

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS – When you see yourself grow, it becomes easier to motivate yourself to push boundaries. Tracking your progress can happen in many ways like mentorship calls or chat sessions or by regular tests. The idea is to ensure that you don’t go off track in your preparation, and even if you do, we have your back.

EVOLUTION – A constant guidance is important to bring consistency to your UPSC preparation. Guidance is not about clearing your doubts or asking you to study when you don’t. It is also about the evolution of your preparation. This is where you and your mentor work as a team. A constant effort to PLAN AND BUILD UP YOUR ABILITY to learn in a faster and more efficient way.RECEIVE PERSONAL GUIDANCE FOR UPSC (REGISTER HERE)

TALK IT OUT – The biggest hurdle in achieving your highest level of consistency is the emotional part. Every now and then, you. surround yourself with negative thoughts, you feel scared and depressed. Instead of resolving these emotional issues, you avoid them as it seems like a waste of your precious time. You have to understand that ignoring emotional troubles does not solve them. What your doing is building an emotional time bomb that may burst a week before your mains or prelims! This is where your MENTOR AS A FRIEND comes in. All our mentors have been through this journey. We understand your fears and anxieties. So, TALK IT OUT.

Don’t let inconsistency keep you away from your dreams.

Fill up the SAMANVAYA form given below. Let us know your problems and we will find a solution to it, just like our students say ” TOGETHER WE CAN AND WE WILL”.

How has Civilsdaily Mentorship, helped Aspirants become Toppers?

The most difficult challenge faced by EVERY candidate is inconsistency. Be it inconsistency in studies, answer-writing practice, covering the syllabus, or revision, every candidate finds it difficult to cope with. But how do successful candidates manage to FIGHT Inconsistency so consistently?

In UPSC 2020, Civilsdaily helped 80+ students secure ranks in their exams. In the top 100, every 3rd ranker was a Civilsdaily student.

 A very recent success story would be Vishwa Shah, student of Civilsdaily Mentor, Sukanya Ma’am. Vishwa has cleared the GPSC exam to become the Deputy Superintendent of Police in Gujarat. He has penned a thank-you note yesterday. Heartiest Congratulations to Vishwa!

One of our other Civilsdaily Student, Shubham Nagargoje cleared the exams in 2020 to become an IPS Officer. Shubham was gracious enough to let us know how he felt about Civilsdaily Samanvaya Guidance under Parth sir.

To know how all of them cleared the exam with our mentorship, visit the Unherd Podcast.

Now that results are announced for UPSC 2021 Prelims, out of 15 out of 25 students of Santhosh Gupta sir have been recommended to Mains. One such student, Rahul expresses his gratitude and extends his appreciation.

Most of our Mentors like Sudhanshu sir, Sajal sir, Santhosh sir, Pravin sir, Parth Verma sir and Sukanya Ma’am were UPSC aspirants themselves and have attended UPSC Mains more than five times and UPSC Interview more than twice. Hence their mentorship is always a blend of the best test series, comprehensive notes and current affairs knowledge.

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All of them dedicate their time weekly to give 1-on-1 mentorship to every student where they discuss last week’s performance and next week’s approach.

Be it Telegram, Whatsapp or Habitiat channels, they are always available and clear student’s doubts in a turnaround time of 24 Hours.

Why Civilsdaily Mentors are the GPS for Your UPSC-CSE Preparation

Remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel and if you want to get out of the tunnel you have to follow the direction of the light! Our mentors’ give you direction which is divided into daily modules. All you have to do is study and complete them on time.

See the source image

As every year passes by, we don’t get confident by the previous years’ performance and become laidback. Instead, we become more hungry to convert all our students into toppers.

How are Current Civilsdaily Students Gearing up for UPSC-CSE 2022?

Initially, our Civilsdaily student Smriti wasn’t confident about Prelims when she began her preparation. Though she had joined Civilsdaily in 2020, she started studying for UPSC-CSE back in 2019. At that time, Smriti had enrolled in multiple institutes. Though, most of these institutes had promised a personal mentor, she was unable to get in touch with them on a daily basis. Also those mentors never scheduled test-series on a weekly basis. Hence, despite preparing for a year, Smriti had scored only 35 marks out of 200 in her first test series by Civilsdaily.

She then started writing 20-25 test series over the course of UAP 2021 and in her last test, her scores have drastically improved. She now scores in the range of 130-135 marks in prelims’ and 110+ in mains’ papers.

In Smriti’s own words she describes her Samanvaya Mentorship Experience to be —

Our parents provide us financial and emotional support, friends provide us moral support and the right mentor gives you logistic and logical support for UPSC. There are days when I felt I won’t be able to compete against lakhs of aspirants. That’s when my mentor, Ravi sir reminded me of my improvement and encouraged me that I can crack it with the same consistency. We need someone, who tells us we are performing well especially when we cannot see that ourselves. The mentorship at Civilsdaily helped me become mentally stronger as a person. In other institutes, mentors are allotted only for doubt resolution. But at Civilsdaily, I am getting end-to-end mentorship via value added notes, classes, test series and detailed evaluation.”

Similarly our another Civilsdaily student, Ashish sums up his Samanvaya experience with Civilsdaily mentor, Pravin Sir, “Because of Pravin sir’s support, I am able to understand a topic in lesser time.”

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This is how Pravin sir evaluates Ashish’s Mains Test Series every week. After every test series evaluation, Pravin sir schedules a 1 hour call to discuss how Ashish can improve his marks and the sources he can refer for key topics.

It’s Your Turn Get the Free 40 Min Counselling Session By a CD Mentor

Civilsdaily mentors are so dedicated, consistent and focused for your UPSC goal, that you will eventually become focused into turning your dreams to reality.

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At the core of Civilsdaily UPSC mentorship, lies the fact that each one of you will have a unique journey while preparing for the exam. Some will get through on the first attempt without much effort while others will take both more time and more effort.

We want to understand you better to help you optimize your journey so you can focus on the right things and not waste time on the wrong ones. We are asking you to tap into the valuable experiences of mentors who underwent the same grind and realize the pitfalls and understand the shortcuts to make it.

In the first counselling session, we will understand your weaknesses. We then help you to stick to one plan or strategy throughout your preparation. We will then follow up with you on a daily basis to check if you are right on track. To get an idea of how your 1st 1-on-1 mentorship will look like, watch this sample video —

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