Interview Transcript – Deshal Dan

Board – Ms. Smita Nagaraj

– Education – B-tech (ECE), Jaisalmer


– Pronounciation and meaning of the name
– Tell about yourself
– Wild life of jaisalmer
– Camels, schemes about them, numbers, now what is the use
– Have u seen GIB
– Why IFS
– What does DFO do in jsm
– Given choice which part of natural india would u like to visit
– Have u been to Ranthambhore/sariska
– Give suggestions to address dvpt vs env issue
– Balance b/w dvpt & env in india if no then which region of india balanced both


– Manganiar music (my hobby) what, where, how
– Yoga what, basics why
– Which kind of movies
– Electonics uses in forest
– have u design electronic device of that sort which can be used in forests M2:-
– Kota, Engg.(I took coaching from kota)
– Civil and forest as option
– Artistic freedom(film ban, protests) scenerio going to worse or better


– Goal of life
– Non-forest wood
– Biodiversity, CBD, EArth summit and subsequent actions, National       biodiversity law
– Managing tribals, mining, forests, wildlife
– Social forestry


– Tribals vs forest
– Naxalite vs IFS
– Why naxalite in tribal belt
– Do u want to ask something to board

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