Interview Transcript – Kendre Narsing Manikrao

Board – Dr Manoj Soni sir


– What is Parli-vaijnath, is it town or village or city?
– Is it named after any personality?
– Why you left the job?
– So can I consider that civil services is your priority?
– Explain in brief the whole process of paper manufacturing? Have you seen yourself?
– Tell me ten names of trees commonly found in India?


– You are specialist in mechanical engg?
– How would you use your knowledge?
– Explain to me how would you use that processing industry, with example?
– How to reach to tribal to ensure their participation?
– What are the challenges in tribal development? Should all IFS officer learn all the tribal languages?


– What is annual Raw material requirement of your industry?
– Have your company taken any initiative to increase Raw material supply?
– But there is criticism that these industries give low price to the farmers?
– As IFS officer what would you do to ensure farmers get better price for their produce?
– Is there any govt regulation to control the prices offered by these industries?
– What is PESA? What sectors have been deregulated?


– You cook vegetarian ,is it only because you eat only veg or something else?
(Some light moments)
– In what dishes you are good at?
– Have you offered these to your mother,sister? What was response?out of love and care??? (Again Light moments)
– Latur is recent district, earlier it was part of which district?
– Any improvement since then?
– Do you mean these developments occured due to it was made a district? (interrupted in my Ans and started a question)
– Latur is in news due some notorious reasons, what are they?
– If a sudden earthquake in your division then what would you do? Do you think apart from Police and Revenue administration the Forest need to be concerned ?

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