Interview Transcript – Shashank Mane

Board- Ms. Smita Nagaraj

Background : B Tech (CSE)


– Do you know any tribe which still lives in almost complete isolation?(I explained her about Jarawa tribe of Andaman)
– How to deal with such types of tribes if they are not even allow people to land on there island?
– How to achieve right balance between protecting their identity & addressing their developmental needs?
– If they become hostile how to deal with them?
– What should be threshold to use the force?
– What should be the guiding principles to use the force?
– Then…she explained me about Naxalites problem…how to address this?
– Do you know any successful attempt by any state to address the issue?
– Is there any need to audit security forces?(context…human rights violations)
– Is there any existing mechanism present for this?


– Why people generally dont want to enroll their children in government schools?
– What are problems of gov schools?
– What you would do to address these problems?
– What government is doing in this respect?


– Tell me about big announcement regarding agriculture in recent budget.
– How to achieve MSP 1.5 times higher than cost of production?
– What formula gov have proposed?(he is asking about A2 + FL formula)
– According to you which national park is better managed in your state?….What should be parameters to assess management of national parks?
– Tell me about core, buffer & transision zones.
– Do you know about JFM? (Joint Forest Management)
– How much it is successful in your state?…What should be criterias to assess success?


– What is this social awareness group of engineers? (DAF)…he explained about issue of irregular water supply…how awareness will help to solve the problem?
– He explained about problems of rural…semi urban areas…how to solve these?…what gov is doing?
– Why you want to join administration?
– Do you think accountability and transparency will help to solve all problems?


– Have you filed RTI?
– Tell me about positives & negatives of RTI.
– Do you see any change in psyche of administrators after RTI? Then why still cases of corruption?
– Long term effects of RTI.

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