[Burning Issue] 100 Episodes of Mann ki Baat’

mann ki baat


  • Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popular radio program, completed 100 episodes this Sunday.
  • In this context, this edition of the Burning Issue will talk about this program and its significance.

About Mann Ki Baat

  • Mann Ki Baat is an Indian radio program hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he addresses the people of the nation on All India Radio, DD National and DD News.
  • The main purpose of the program is to “establish a dialogue with the citizens on issues of day-to-day governance”, according to a statement by the Information and Broadcasting Minister in the Rajya Sabha in July 2021.
  • The program is India’s “first visually enriched radio program”.

Highlights of the 100th episode

  • Highlighted achievements: The PM highlighted the achievements of this program. He also mentioned the timeline of the program in the last nine years.
  • Telecasted in multiple regional languages: The program was telecasted in multiple regional languages to have a wider reach of the program. It was also this time, that the program was telecasted globally.
  • 100 days of action: The Tourism Ministry announced “100 days of action” to mark the 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat. The activities include a design challenge for entrepreneurs to develop substitutes for single-use plastic items.
  • Highlighted countrymen’s dedication: PM said Every time, the countrymen’s dedication to duty and skill has motivated others. Every countryman in this program serves as an example to other countrymen.
  • DG UNESCO part of the episode: he thanked PM Modi on behalf of UNESCO for the opportunity to be part of the 100th episode of the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Radio broadcast.

Major achievements of the program

  • As PM Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ approaches its 100th episode on April 30, 2023, a survey conducted by the Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak shows that at least twenty-three crore people have ‘listened to or viewed’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly radio broadcast regularly and over 100 crore people have listened to it at least once.
  • In the first fifteen addresses of Mann ki Baat broadcast, more than 61,000 ideas were received on the website and 1.43 lakh audio recordings by listeners have been received. Each month, some selected calls become a part of the broadcast.
  • From 2 June 2017, Mann Ki Baat became available in regional dialects. The aim is to expand the reach of the program as far as possible.

Significance of the podcast

  • Apolitical character: the program has remained apolitical throughout its journey. Political and sensitive issues were not discussed in the program. It mainly focused on highlighting the achievements of ordinary Indians and generating awareness about social issues.
  • Catalyst in igniting mass movements: The campaigns mentioned by PM Modi which had the most impact on listeners were Selfie with Daughter, Incredible India, Fit India and Sandesh to Soldiers. The most remembered topics were the promotion of Khadi, Drug Free India and Team Tarini.
  • Highlighted success stories of Indians: Mann Ki Baat has showcased stories of talented individuals across diverse fields, from promoting Aatmanirbhar Bharat to Make in India and space startups.
  • Interactive Nature:  “Mann Ki Baat” is an interactive program that allows people from all walks of life to participate. Citizens can share their views, experiences, and stories. It encourages people to share their ideas and suggestions with the Prime Minister.
  • Wide Range of Topics: The program addresses a range of topics, including social issues, education, healthcare, and the environment. It promotes social initiatives such as the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, and Digital India. The program has been particularly effective in promoting social initiatives
  • Led to Positive Impact in society: “Mann Ki Baat” has become a significant platform for the Prime Minister to engage with the people of India. It has helped to create a sense of unity and shared purpose among citizens. It encourages people to work together towards a better future for India.


  • Lack of Opposition Voices: One of the main criticisms of “Mann Ki Baat” is that it is a one-sided conversation, with no participation from opposition parties or critics of the government. This has led to accusations that the program is being used as a propaganda tool to promote the government’s agenda, rather than as a genuine platform for dialogue.
  • Still Limited Audience Reach: While the program is aired on multiple platforms, it still has limited reach in rural areas and among lower-income groups who may not have access to radios, televisions, or the internet. This raises questions about the program’s ability to truly represent the diverse perspectives of the Indian population.
  • Lack of Action: Critics have also argued that “Mann Ki Baat” has not resulted in concrete action on the issues discussed. While the program may raise awareness about certain social issues or initiatives, there is a perception that it has not led to significant policy changes or improvements on the ground.
  • Insufficient Time for Discussion: Another criticism of “Mann Ki Baat” is that it only allows for brief discussions on complex issues. This may not provide enough time for in-depth analysis or debate on topics that require nuanced perspectives.
  • Disregard for Questions Raised: Some participants have raised concerns that the government does not adequately address the questions and suggestions shared on the program. This has led to criticism that “Mann Ki Baat” is more of a PR exercise than a genuine dialogue between the government and citizens.


  • Overall, “Mann Ki Baat” is a platform that has both supporters and critics. While it has been successful in promoting social initiatives and providing a platform for the Prime Minister to connect with citizens, it has also been criticized for its one-sided nature, limited audience reaches, and lack of concrete action on the issues discussed. Additionally, the program’s format may not allow for in-depth analysis or debate on complex topics.
  • Nevertheless, “Mann Ki Baat” remains a significant program that reflects the government’s efforts to engage with the public and promote its agenda. As with any public forum, the program needs to balance the voices and perspectives represented and ensure that it provides a platform for meaningful dialogue between the government and the people it serves.

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